FONACOT Credit Card – Benefits and How to Apply

Are you looking to improve your financial future? The FONACOT credit card could be your best ally. In this article, we show you how to apply for the FONACOT credit card easily and efficiently, taking advantage of all its benefits.

Additionally, we will explore the various advantages that this financial tool offers. Are you ready to take control of your finances?


What is FONACOT?

FONACOT, which stands for ‘National Fund for Workers’ Consumption’, is a Mexican financial institution created to offer loans to formal workers in the country for the purchase of goods and services. It was founded in 1974 and operates under the Federal Labor Law in Mexico.

In Mexico, this institution plays an important role in providing loans to employees affiliated with companies and entities registered with the National Workers’ Housing Fund Institute (INFONAVIT) or the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

Additionally, it offers personal loans for various consumption purposes, such as acquiring durable goods, health services, education, and other expenses.


The institution provides loans at competitive interest rates and with accessible payment facilities, allowing workers to access financing for various needs. It aims to contribute to the economic well-being of Mexican families by providing responsible and accessible financing options.

FONACOT Credit Card

The FONACOT Credit Card is a financial product offered in Mexico. This card is designed to provide formal workers in the country with an additional line of credit that they can use for various consumption needs.

The FONACOT credit card offers workers a range of benefits and advantages that can be very useful in their financial life. Some common features of this card include:

  • Consumer credit: The card allows workers to access a pre-approved line of credit that they can use to purchase goods and services at affiliated establishments.
  • Competitive interest rate: The FONACOT credit card typically offers competitive interest rates, which can be beneficial for cardholders, especially compared to other credit options available in the market.
  • Payment facilities: It usually offers flexible payment plans, allowing workers to make payments comfortably and tailored to their financial capabilities.
  • Promotions and rewards: Depending on the card issuer, cardholders may enjoy promotions, discounts, or rewards programs when using their FONACOT credit card for specific purchases.

It is important to remember that, although the FONACOT credit card can be a valuable tool to access financing, responsible use is essential. Workers should be aware of their repayment capabilities and use the card wisely to avoid excessive debt.

A Card for Every Worker

FONACOT offers various types of cards designed to meet the specific needs of different groups of workers. Below, I will describe the types of cards you mentioned:

  • FONACOT Credit Disposition Card: This card allows formal workers to access a pre-approved credit line that can be used for various consumer purposes, such as purchasing goods or services at establishments affiliated with the program. The card provides workers with a simple and convenient way to obtain financing.
  • FONACOT Women’s Card: This card is specifically aimed at formal working women in Mexico. It offers benefits and features tailored to the financial needs and preferences of women and may include promotions and special programs designed to empower this segment of the population. It also offers financing insurance for educational expenses, paternal maintenance, and medical assistance.
  • FONACOT MasterCard Card: FONACOT has partnered with financial institutions and offers a FONACOT MasterCard. This card has the advantage of being widely accepted at many establishments and ATMs that accept MasterCard nationally and internationally.

How to Apply for a FONACOT Credit Card?

The process to apply for a FONACOT credit card is simple and can be done through the following steps:

  1. Requirements: Make sure you meet the requirements set by the organization to obtain a credit card.
  2. Visit a Branch: Go to a branch near your location. You can find the list of branches on the official FONACOT website. You can also schedule an appointment by phone or through their online contact portal.
  3. Documentation: Make sure to bring the necessary documentation with you in duplicate, meaning the original along with a copy.
  4. Application: Request a FONACOT credit card from a branch executive. They will provide you with the application form to fill out with your personal and work details.
  5. Credit Evaluation: A representative will assess your ability to pay and other factors to determine if you are eligible to receive the credit card.
  6. Approval and Delivery: If your application is approved, you will receive your FONACOT credit card and can start using it at affiliated establishments.

Requirements and Necessary Documentation

The requirements and necessary documentation to apply for a FONACOT credit card include:


  • Formal employee: You must be a formal employee in Mexico, affiliated with a company registered with INFONAVIT or IMSS.
  • Work experience: They may require a minimum work experience of at least one year with the company affiliated with FONACOT.
  • Legal age: You must be at least 18 years old.


  • Official Identification: A valid identification such as the INE (National Electoral Institute) or passport is usually required to verify your identity.
  • Proof of Address: You need to present a recent proof of address, such as a utility bill (electricity, water, gas) or a bank statement.
  • Proof of Income: You will be asked to show a proof of income, such as a pay stub, demonstrating your ability to pay.
  • Personal References: Some applications may require the names and contact information of at least two personal references, such as close family members or friends, to validate your credit history.

Manage Easily with the FONACOT Mobile App

The FONACOT mobile app, available for Android and iOS, is a useful and secure tool that allows users to manage themselves easily and conveniently. Here are some of its main functions:

  • Compare Credit Options: A tool to compare different available credit options, whether personal loans or different types of credit cards. This enables users to make more informed financial decisions by choosing the best option that fits their needs and payment possibilities.
  • Schedule Appointments: A useful feature that allows users to schedule appointments at branches directly from the mobile application. This facilitates access to services and personalized attention.
  • Explore Products: The app provides detailed information about the financial products offered, including features, requirements, and benefits. Users can access the details and request additional information from the app.
  • Financial Education: Educational sections to offer tips and guidance on important financial topics, such as credit management, budgeting, savings, and investments. Financial education helps users improve their understanding of how to better manage their personal finances.

Rates and Interest

There are no costs or fees associated with the FONACOT credit card due to its nature of financially supporting workers. Its interest rate ranges between 21.36% and 23.14%.


Phone: 01800 366 2268 / 55 8874 7474​​ / 55 5265 7400

Address: Av. Insurgentes Sur No 452, Col. Roma Sur, Del. Cuauhtémoc


The FONACOT credit card seems to be an attractive financial option for formal workers in Mexico. It offers the possibility of accessing a line of credit for the consumption of goods and services at affiliated establishments.

Additionally, it provides flexibility in payments and, depending on the card, may offer additional benefits such as promotions and rewards programs.

In conclusion, the FONACOT credit card can be a valuable tool for workers looking to access financing and improve their financial lives, as long as it is used responsibly and one is aware of the contractual aspects.

Disclaimer: There are risks associated with applying for and using credit products. Be sure to consult the terms and conditions page of the bank before accepting anything.